Termite Control

Even the most modern of homes are guaranteed to feature wood in one form or another. From traditional beams and foundations, all the way to furniture and shelving units – wood exists in homes of all shapes, styles and ages. As great an addition as it can make to a property, wood is also a nesting ground for one of the world’s most problematic pests.

Just a single termite nest can accommodate thousands of the little critters and unlike other pests that enjoy leftover crumbs and other types of food, these insects enjoy nothing more than consuming wood. They aren’t just a nuisance that have a tendency to spread from location to location milling into wooden structures on their way; their appetite can actually lead to extensive damage if left untreated.

How we can help

It’s not just the dozens of tiny holes that can be detrimental to the health and structural integrity of your wooden features – there’s also the risk of inhaling dangerous components that are emitted in to the atmosphere as the termites lay waste to your property. Their faeces is notoriously toxic to humans and as they will contain sawdust, they are doubly as damaging.

Just a few weeks’ worth of exposure to a termite infestation can result in symptoms such as difficulty breathing and chest pains, but there are even worse cases reported on an annual basis. That’s where our team at Rapid Pest Control Atlanta step into the mix. Our control officers are fully licensed, trained and experienced in dealing with pests of all shapes and sizes and there’s no termite infestation that we couldn’t tackle head on.

We have access to some of the most advanced chemical treatments around – the majority of which aren’t available for purchase by the general public. We understand that even a few stray termites can lead to the development of another colony and that’s why we undertake an extensive evaluation before beginning our extermination task.

We’ll focus on the source of the problem by tackling the nest directly. We’ll then work our way out by applying a formula that will obliterate even the most severe of infestations. The unique chemicals will go straight to work, killing the insects by their hundreds. It will then pick off any stragglers hoping to get away and put a halt on their unsavoury habits.

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We don’t just exterminate termite nests – we can help to ensure that the problem doesn’t occur again. Whether you’ve just noticed the early signs of an infestation or if your property has been suffering for some time now; get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll book a home visit at a time to suit you.