Snake Control

Snakes come in all different shapes and sizes, as well as boasting different levels of toxicity that may or may not be dangerous to humans. One of the most terrifying experiences in the world relates to coming home and finding a potentially dangerous snake within your property. Even if you know the species and understand it to be harmless – the chances are that you’ll want it gone as quickly as possible.


At Rapid Pest Control Atlanta, we prioritize our snake control services very highly – so much so that we can promise to be with you in no time at all to remove snakes of all sizes from your property. Regardless of the lethality, dealing with a snake isn’t something that most people will feel comfortable doing.

We could be in and out in no time to capture the animal, safely transport it and then release it; or hand it over to the necessary authorities should it require quarantine. Our team are expertly trained and have years of experience under their belts. We further compliment these capabilities by utilizing state of the art equipment and facilities to ensure the safety of our clients at all times.

Why choose our services?

As briefly mentioned above, having to come face to face with a wild snake in your home can be a very traumatic experience. We’ve dealt with plenty of events over the years and each one has been resolved successfully and without risk. We’d never encourage you to attempt to remove the snake yourself; after all many can strike at lightning speeds and are best left well alone.

Snakes have an innate ability to weave their way into the most inconspicuous of spaces, so trying to remove them yourself could force them further into your home. Even if you do manage to grab the unwanted visitor, there’s no guarantee that you won’t be bitten in the process – and considering that our team could be with you in no time at all, there’s really no need to put yourself at risk.

So, why choose us? Not only do we have an incredible amount of experience in dealing with exotic animals; we are actually one of the best services in Atlanta. The last thing that we’d want to do is to force you to wait for assistance, especially if the snake is already inside of your property or situated close by.

By calling us right now, we could be with you in no time at all, take care of your visitor and have it out of your home with minimal fuss. We can’t stress how important it is to avoid handling the matter yourself, so please feel free to give us a call and we’ll take care of the hard work for you!