Flea Control

Considered by many as one of the most resilient pests in the world, not to mention their unsavoury habit of laying eggs before hatching again months later – fleas are notoriously hard to kill and can spread like wild-fire. These blood sucking insects aren’t just irritating, they can infest clothes, furniture and even carpets – making nowhere safe from their existence.


To make matters worse, they aren’t easy to catch either. Where ants can be deterred and termites can be treated – if a few fleas get together and reproduce, an entire house can be overwhelmed within a matter of weeks. At Rapid Pest Control Atlanta, we understand just how detrimental a flea infestation can be to a home.

When one region is treated, another starts to suffer until there is nowhere left to turn. But that’s where we come into the fray. Our team of control officers understand just how vital it is to get on top of a flea infestation; from the first sighting all the way to destroying nests. Fleas have an uncanny ability to nestle into the deepest, most untouched regions of a room – and it is there that they spread without remorse.

How we can help

Fleas have dozens of different species, each of which will possess its own unique traits and habits. It’s not uncommon for a home to be infested without the owner actually recognizing the pest as a species of flea. Our team of experts have dealt with fleas of all shapes and sizes and we know exactly how to identify them, locate their nests and destroy them at the source.

A challenge that many of our clients have faced relates to the sheer speed of fleas themselves. With an infestation averaging anywhere between a few dozen and a few hundred fleas – even catching the odd one or two can be a fruitless attempt and something best left to the professionals. We won’t spend time targeting strays – we’ll cut straight to the chase and target the most likely areas that may be suffering with fresh eggs.


Fumigation is always a last option as it can result in a family having to vacate their home for at least a few days – but we promise to take every available measure to completely eradicate fleas from your home and then ensure that they stay at bay from that point onward. Depending on the severity of your control requirements, we could be in and out of your home in a matter of hours – and we guarantee that your property will be clear from fleas in a matter of days.

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