About Us

Pest Control refers to the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest, usually because it is perceived to be detrimental to a person’s health, the ecology or the economy. The people who control pests are called as exterminators. Our company, Pest Control Atlanta, is a group of skilled and professional exterminators. We view pests as animals out of place that must be controlled. We either prevent them from invading your domains, repel them back into nature or kill them when the first two options fail.

Pest Control Atlanta is obliged to control the pests in your homes in the most efficient manner with the least possible potential harm to people, pets, friendly creatures, and your home environment in total; however you choose to control your pests. Effective pest control management is all about logic and common sense of the skilled and professional exterminators. We need information and listen to every detail or complaint that would permit us to pursue our solutions based on the information we have gathered from you and then based on our own findings. One of the most important thing we bear in mind before doing any action is to have an adequate understanding and knowledge of the pests characteristics, habits, and on what part of the house do they infest. Having adequate information about them helps us in preventing further infestation by removing breeding places and building a barrier around homes or structures. Lastly, we choose a method of pest control that can control or eliminate pests without harming humans.

We are a qualified and licensed local pest control company that can solve your pest problem the soonest possible time, so that you do not need to look for any other pest control company in other places. We do not just do the work in one day but we return to your homes to check again whether or not the pests has been controlled or not. We interview you, assess your homes, document our assessment, plan the action to control the pests, apply the planned pest control method, and then evaluate the whole process. We do all this for a reasonable price. If you have inquiries or if you are in need of OUR SERVICES, you can CONTACT US and we’ll get right back at you immediately.