It is almost winter! Temperatures are about to start falling to zero degrees centigrade. It’s time to stay mostly indoors, ensuring you are waterproof and very warmed up the whole day. You are already preparing for it, kitchen is stuffed up with much needed food, and a good stack of firewood to last the whole season. But wait, how are all the pests you were seeing around during the warm days surviving it? Before you get shocked to realize you are most likely going to live in the same house with them, here are the 10 most effective tips of pest control in winter.

  1. Have a check on pests sheltering places;

Pests will likely be getting ready for the cold weather ahead, and will cling to any shelter that will have some warmth. Tidy up the lawn, collect the debris and dispose appropriately. Check for holes and cracks on trees around and fill them up with sand or cement. Make sure all the sheltering places for pests are destroyed or disturbed to the extent of being inhabitable.

  1. 10-autumn-and-winter-pest-prevention-tipsHave a check on your pest control supplies;

There will be some cockroaches, rats and mice in the house whose entry will have gone unnoticed. Make sure you have enough pesticides, insecticides, and pest traps to control such during winter.

  1. Ensure you have kept all the pests outside, how?

Pests will mostly get into your home through cracks and holes on the walls, through small crevices on the doors and windows, and the cracks on the roof. Seal all the holes and cracks around the house, and repair doors and windows to fit well. Ensure there is no heat leak from the house because it’s through these heat sinks that pests will get in.

  1. Where have you stored your firewood?

A stack of dry firewood is a great place for pests to hide from the harsh coldness, and nothing makes a cold day better than a warm fire. Since doing away with firewood is not an option, you have to make sure it is not through it that critters will get into your house. How? Always store your firewood thirty or so feet from the house and thoroughly check for infestation before you transfer some into the house.

  1. Have a thorough check on that chimney

The chimney is a perfect place for rodents and bats to hide, simply because it’s dark and warm. And having left it unused during warm days, there will be some pests in there. Have a thorough check on it, flush out the pests and do necessary repairs to ensure no pests gets in there during winter.

  1. On food storage

It is too cold outside for pests to get food outdoors, last resort? Your kitchen and food store. Hence, ensure all your foodstuffs are stored tightly in hard to gnaw and airtight containers, unless you have plans to feed the hungry pests.

  1. Clean up that counter!

It is the holidays, though very cold. Frequent guests are expected and having a sumptuous meal is a must. But do you know all those crumbs and food debris falling on and under the counters and dining areas will be a great buffet for pests? Since you do not want to be a breeder of pests, thoroughly clean-up these areas.

  1. Have a check on that package getting into the house

You have already done so much to keep those pesky critters off your house but you need something more! Due to the biting cold outside, rodents and other clawing pests will enjoy the warmth inside packaging cartons and other containers used to wrap up household items. Check any packaged items getting into the house for pests and other animals like snakes and spiders.

  1. What about that Christmas tree?

A Christmas without a Christmas tree feels like a lot is missing. But wait, do you know several spider species, moths and other egg laying animals lay their eggs on tree branches and on tree trunks? Yes, you want an awesome Christmas tree but not with accompanying unwanted guests. So how to do you keep the pests away? Make use of tree shaker to drop them off the tree, and do a nice check before you can have the tree in the house.

  1. Keep vigil the whole winter for a pest free season

You have already done a great job keeping pests away from your house, but are you there yet? Pests will always find new ways to get into your home since the outside is unbearable in winter. Be vigilant, do outdoor and indoor inspection often to keep pests away for good.


A pest-free winter is certainly a great one. The above 10 winter pest control tips will guarantee you one! If you still feel the discomfort with the pest, you can contact professional pest control team in London like Pest Exterminators –



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