5 Signs that you might have Termites

By August 27, 2020 No Comments

Do you have termites? It’s a worrying thought, but you might have seen things that have got you thinking. If you suspect termites might have made themselves at home, you need to know what signs you should be looking out for to confirm their presence. When you know you’ve got termites, that’s when it’s time to call pest control.

According to Pest Alert, a Dubbo termite management company, Look out for these five signs that indicate termites have made themselves at home:

  1. Swarmers 

    These young, flying termites are reproductive and emerge to mate and look for somewhere to start a new colony in the spring. You might also notice discarded wings around your home.

  2. Mud tubes

    Termites use mud tubes to get around when they live underground but need to travel above ground. They may be made of mud or termite droppings and are used for traveling unseen.

  3. Wood damage

    This classic sign of termites isn’t one that you want to ignore. Though only a small amount of damage may be visible, the problem could be a lot worse than you can see.

  4. Bubbling/Uneven Paint 

    When moisture builds up, it can make a paint bubble. This could mean water damage, but it could also be termites, which may be traveling behind the paint and leaving moisture behind.

  5. Frass (droppings) 
    Drywood termites leave wood-colored droppings, which look like pellets. If these are found, it could be a sign of infestation, and you might need a pest control expert.

If you notice any of these signs, call for pest control today to get the problem under control.

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