Ant Control

If there’s one type of insect guaranteed to be as resilient as they are numerous; it’s ants. Although colonies typically develop outdoors, it isn’t uncommon for scouts to wonder into homes in a search for food. If they come across even the smallest crumb, you could soon find yourself dealing with an invasion of hundreds of ants – all hoping to call your property their new source of food.

Recognizing that you may have a problem is one thing, but it’s something else entirely to deal with the invasion head on. Glue traps, plugging holes and other techniques rarely work – after all most ant species will either eat through the barricade or find a way around it. There’s only one way to eliminate an infestation – and that’s where Rapid Pest Control Atlanta step up to the mark.


It might sound like a good idea to try a couple of home remedies at first, like pouring bleach into an entry point or washing away a particular stream of ants – but in reality this will only cause them to spread. Ants have an innate ability to push on regardless of what’s in their way. If you block an exit, they will find another one. If you keep going, they will create new ones.

How we can help

Not only do we have access to some of the most effective ant-killing resources on the planet, our team are all fully trained at dealing with nests of all sizes. Whether the colony has settled in underneath your home and refuses to leave, or if the ants are making their way from somewhere externally – we’ll track their source, destroy it and then take care of any stragglers.

There’s only one way to stem the tide and that’s to eliminate its current. Our team are always happy to help and there’s no task too big or small for us to address. Once we locate the nest, we’ll introduce it to the first of our extermination techniques. The ants should then come pouring out from the mouth in an attempt to escape and we’ll then go to work by stemming their tide.

Our formula is so effective that it can stop hundreds of ants in their tracks. Once the core has been dealt with, we will then address smaller groups and scouts – taking them out where they stand and then clearing the entire premises of the leftovers. We can even apply a powerful ant deterrent to stop the event from arising again!

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It’s never been easier to get in touch with us and you can do so directly via the phone or by sending us a quick email. Whether you’re having an emergency situation or if you’re just spotted the signs of an infestation – we are here to help and our friendly team are available right now; they are waiting to hear from you.