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Landing at the Phoenix airport, most travelers head north into Phoenix or rush off to Scottsdale, forgetting that there are so many other great cities to explore in the area. If you just head east, you could be in the city of Tempe, Arizona in under 20 minutes, enjoying creative cocktails, paddling on the lake, climbing “A” mountain, experiencing the best of Broadway and getting to know the real Arizona desert.

Things to do in Tempe Arizona

Just in case you haven’t heard of Tempe, AZ, it is home to Arizona State University (ASU) one of Arizona’s largest universities, making this one heck of a college town. And yes, this means there are a lot of babysitters available for parents wanting a night out when they come to visit.

Sports teams are coming in and out for games. There are loads of activities and festivals on and off campus throughout the year that visitors can participate in. Just check the calendar and something is happening around here.

But let’s dive into the everyday things you can enjoy.


Not many desert cities can claim that they have a lake to paddle around on. In fact, Tempe Town Lake is so unique that many East Coast rowing teams come out in the winter months to practice when their own lakes and rivers are just too cold to practice on.

Non-crew team members can rent kayaks, paddle boards and paddle boats to enjoy the breeze coming off the water and local wildlife (white herons are easy to spot as they look for their next fishy meal on the lake). Swimming is not allowed, but there is plenty of other fun to be had as you paddle under the bridges.


Here’s the best secret of all that not many people will tell you. While Phoenix and Scottsdale are more popular, this also means their hotel prices can be much more expensive, especially in winter.

Tempe, a bustling college town, is a bargain in the winter months, but still offers the same full-service lodgings, cute boutique hotels, modern design and the usual chains you will find in other cities throughout Arizona.

Even better, Tempe is in the middle of all the action. If you want to explore Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and the mountains, Tempe is the best place to set up your home base as you will spend less time commuting around and more time actually having fun.


I don’t know about you, but I find that college towns have some of the best up and coming food scenes in the nation. Alumni stick around to try out a new restaurant concept.

Perhaps rents are cheaper or restaurant groups know that they have a willing audience to test out the latest food craze. Either way, Tempe is no exception to the college food town phenomenon.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner provide great options for healthy (and not so healthy) options, whether you need to satisfy your carnivorous cravings, a gluten intolerance or have to stick to your vegan diet. Ice cream sandwich joints have popped up, and you may just have to taste them all to pick your favorite.

It’s a burden we all have to bear. Are you up to the challenge?


Tempe is an outdoor-lovers kind of place. Once the weather drops below 100 in Arizona, residents head out and start climbing the mountains, tuning up their bikes and tying up their running shoes. You don’t even have to get into your car to get active.

“A” mountain (officially named Hayden Butte, but called “A” mountain because of the giant “A” on the side as a nod to ASU) is right smack in the middle of town. Papago Park is an easy bike ride away thanks to rentals from The Bicycle Cellar near the ASU campus.

Boat rentals are available on Tempe Town Lake, or you can just run, skate, bike and skateboard the trails around the lake if you don’t feel like being on the water. There’s really no excuse to not get outside and enjoy those Arizona bluebird days. They have an average of 300 of them!

Just outside of Tempe is KOLI Equestrian Center at the Gila River Indian Community. Visitors can saddle up to take a ride through the desert with a guide.

If you are lucky, you will see jackrabbits and coyotes. If you are VERY lucky, you will see the wild horses on the reservation.

What you won’t see are palm trees. One thing that many visitors to Tempe and outside of Phoenix don’t realize is that palm trees aren’t actually native to the desert. They are brought in.

One of the guides at KOLI told me that when people come out they wonder what they are looking at on the trail. He turns to them and says, “this is the real desert. What you see in the city isn’t the desert at all.”

Well, there you go.


Tempe has the only Tony-voting member in Arizona, which means she has a bit of pull to get the best Broadway shows to the ASU Gammage, a 3000-seat theater designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Shows like Something Rotten, Les Miserables, and yes, Hamilton, travel through and are performed at this historic venue.

You won’t see these shows in Phoenix, which means everyone is coming into Tempe to catch a show, so make sure you buy your tickets before you get to town.

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